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How you and your dog can become a TDRock Team!  

Step 1:
Pre-Qualifying Screening



This interview is your chance to ask questions as well as the time for us to make an initial determination of the suitability of you and your dog for this work.


20-30 minutes

No cost

Step 2:
Basic Team Training Workshop



This is a full-day training session, for humans only. This workshop will provide you with a solid foundation of information you will need to know to visit successfully with many kinds of clients in various facilities.


Full day

Cost is $110.00

Step 3:
Team Evaluation



You and your dog will be evaluated for appropriate skills and temperament, including the strength of your relationship, your social interactions with clients, and your ability to advocate for your dog.


Approximately 30-40 minutes

Cost is $35

Step 4:
Veterinary Health Screening



After passing the team evaluation, your dog must be screened by your veterinarian. We will supply all required forms. Vets often offer discounts for therapy dog examinations.


Vet cost TBD

Step 5:
Submit Packet to ITA



To submit the packet, you must complete an open-book (manual) test. This, along with other materials, must be completed within 30 days of your evaluation.


ITA membership is $90.00 for 2 years. This includes $2 million liability insurance /team. 

Step 6:
Volunteer Orientation



You and your dog will learn the procedures for working with and around patients and medical equipment, and observe experienced teams on visits.


Complete these steps and you will become a TD Rock team!  
You are embarking on an important and gratifying journey.  Therapy Dogs of Rockland will mentor you as you choose facilities where you and your dog feel comfortable.
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