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Paw Prints: Gone but not Forgotten
In Loving Memory of Our Therapy Dogs 

Liz's dog, Midnight
Bruce's dog, Scout

Gary, Tara, & Madison's dog, Brennan

photo 2.jpg

Candace & Dale's dog, Lola 

Peggy & Clarence (2).jpg

Peggy's dog, Clarence


Susan's dog, Bella

Nancy & Redd.jpg

Nancy's dog, Redd

Susan & Maggie.jpg

Susan's dog, Maggie


Pattie's dog, Elvis

Len & Ben.jpg

Len's dog, Ben


George's dog, Paco

Marcy & Bailey.jpeg

Marcy's dog, Bailey 1

Candace & Buster.jpeg

Candace & Dale's dog, Buster

Marjut & Jenny.jpeg

Marjut's dog, Jenny


Alice's dog, Juno

Sandra's dog, Theo

George's dog, Seamus

Maura's dog, Bonnie Jean

Dale with Buster.jpeg

Dale and Buster

Marge's dog, Vince

Laura & Fiona.jpeg

Laura's dog, Fiona

Fran's dog, Victoria

Catherine's dog, Chuck

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