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Therapy Dog Visits

Therapy Dogs of Rockland teams visit hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and libraries. Our manner is gentle and positive and helps provide an environment for comfort and healing.


Time and time again, we see the benefits of animal interaction and calm conversation – patients and students relax, become more engaged, change their focus from frustration and anxiety to simple pleasure and congeniality. At the end of our visits, it is quite common for patients to thank us profusely. Very often, they have a question: “When are you coming back?

R.E.A.D.® Program

Reading Education Assistance Dogs® [R.E.A.D.]
has gained a nationwide reputation as an outstanding method for helping children of all ages to improve their reading skills and comprehension. 


Quite simply, children in the program – in schools and libraries – read to the dogs! Again and again, the dogs’ presence, loving and non-judgmental, proves to have a calming effect on the youngsters. That relaxed attitude promotes more enthusiastic reading.  And – it is fun!

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